21 December 2010

The Darkest Day In Five Centuries

Dear friends,

For the end of 2010, I have prepared a special winter spectacle: the Darkest Day in Five Centuries. The piece will combine the longest night of the year with a total eclipse of the Moon. There will not be another moment of darkness as deep as this again until December 21, 2094. There has not been one since 21 December 1638.

Take a moment to revel in the dark:

21 December 2010

This is the second performance in the series of my collaborations with the night sky titled: Night Sky: Further Investigations Into Choreography. For this dance, the Earth will pass between the Moon and the Sun, colouring the Moon orange, making it Mars-like. It will take place precisely two years before the 21 December 2012 galactic alignment.

It is a durational spectacle visible to the naked eye simultaneously to all viewers in eastern Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Europe, western Africa. However, the local times vary. In Europe (UT), the partial lunar eclipse starts at 6.33 am and the total lunar eclipse at 7.41 am. The performance is visible in its total length from the Americas. In Europe, the total eclipse will merge with the dawn.

For the precise schedule for Benelux click here and for the rest of the world here.

Cloudy where you are? You can follow our online live stream from various locations on the Earth

Enjoy the darkness. For the rest of our lives, it will only get lighter.

Kind regards, happy holidays,



Concept and choreography: Andrea Bozic in collaboration with the night sky

Location: eastern Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Europe, western Africa.

Best viewing conditions:
Outdoors and away from city lights
For those in the winter season: indoors close to the window with the lights off

Entrance: free
In case you document the show from various locations I would be very pleased to receive your photos.

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