22 June 2020

Day For Night: Ring of Fire

I am very happy to invite you to my performance in collaboration with the moon and the sun: Day For Night: Ring of Fire.

For the 21st of June 2020, I have prepared a special summer solstice spectacle: for this dance, the moon passes between the sun and the earth creating a ring of fire. A moment of darkness on the longest day of the year.

The seats for the performance are only available for a select audience in Africa and Asia. We have arranged a live stream here

It’s a special version of the Day for Night series, the fourth performance in the series of my collaborations with the night sky titled: Night Sky: Further Investigations Into Choreography, part of the larger cycle of collaborations with the weather titled Telling Future.

Performance time:

21 June 2020
Beginning: 3:45
End: 09:34
UTC Time

Latecomers admitted.

For the seats distribution overview, click here

Cloudy where you are?
Watch the live broadcast here

! Warning:
Looking at the Sun is harmful to your eyes at any time. Do not look at the Sun directly without protection! Doing so may result in immediate and permanent blindness.

Viewing instructions:
For instructions on how to build your own pinhole camera for safe viewing, click here
If you are not the D.I.Y. type, check in with your local natural history or space museum or your local astronomy club for where to rent or buy eclipse glasses.
In Benelux, order your glasses here

Day for Night is an immersive dramatic spectacle for three celestial bodies and an observer.

From the press:
‘When the lights, the Sun and the Moon are ‘eclipsed’, we are in the dark and events are hidden and shadowy. Secrets emerge and what’s unknown comes to light.’

‘Stunning and awe-inspiring.‘

‘Many cultures have perceived eclipses as change-inducing events. The eclipse of the sun is always a disruption of the normal order and a possibility of a new beginning.’